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I am proud to announce that yesterday I have passed successfully the Exam to get official an Unity Developer Certificate.



This event was done at Bilbao together with AzPllay, an interesting Videogame competition for Indie developers (

I would have loved to chat with the rest of 10 attendants, they did seem to be really cool guys, but i had to leave Bilbao to Santander quite fast.


Fresh news to be added soon :)


Welcome to this new site,

First of all, i would like to announce that Astute Games as it is know is dead, well, not exactly, let me explain.



More than 10 years of Astute Games i guess it is too much for me, i prefer to work with a more personal tag instead. I don't want to keep feedback people to be owner of a company, mostly because i don't found the right people in the right moment. In the last 5 years i have learnt to do more things than i expected in other duties like Programming. I love to do my little Graphics with Photoshop, modeling and rigging with Maya, compose some decent Music and editing Video... so i feel confident to do good work.

Well, all my work will be the same as Astute Games was, including collaborations as always, but probably all my new releases will be developed by myself, alone. I know i cant to achieve an State of the Art product without very talented people around me, but i will try my best on it.